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Welcome to Paula’s Pet Taxi & Check-In Service LLC

I stop by my client’s home while they’re away a few times a day (Usually 3-4X is most common) for 30-45 minutes each time to feed, take out to potty, and play with their pets.
The fee for check-ins run between $12-18 a visit, depending on the distance and the amount of times needed, holiday rates, number of pets, etc. Overnight sitting in your home is at a higher rate and dependent on scheduling availability. (This would not include staying at the residence all day; just over-night with your pet.)
Pet sitters take care of our most treasured furry friends and help ease the stress and discomfort that comes with a disrupted schedule for your dogs. They’ll still miss you, but having someone available for belly rubs, food, and fetch can help take their minds off the misery.

the LOCAL PET TAXI is at your service!

 Do you need your pet to go to the groomer, or get a vet check up, or enjoy a walk in the park, and you cannot find the time? Or you do not drive and public transportation will not allow pets to ride? Here is your solution….
the LOCAL PET TAXI is at your service!
The Pet Taxi cost is $30 round trip with a max distance of 20 miles from my residence in the city of Willowick zip code 44095. If over 20 miles away, then the cost is $40. $5 additional per pet, please. I am located in Lake County and look forward to checking in or transporting your beloved pet to wherever they need to go!  

When Paula watches your dog~

Advantages for your pets:

*Stay in a secure, familiar environment.
*Follow their customary routine and diet.
*Avoid exposure to illnesses from other animals.
*Receive kind, caring, individual attentionFree Services (requested by customer):
*Taking in mail and newspapers.
*Turning lights, television, and radios on and off at different times during the day.
*Watering plants.
*Opening and closing blinds and shades.
*Checking alarm systems.

I have studied animal care and veterinary assistant classes online and I also have much hands on animal experience through volunteering at many local shelters and for foster pet programs as well. I have my own dogs, cat, and semi-aquatic reptiles….so very experienced with household pets. Also I volunteer at Lake Farmpark and have experience around dairy cows and horses too.

Why I love dog sitting
Since birth I have loved animals…as time passes I know I want to spend more and more time with pets and it would be great if I can make a living doing something I am talented at and I enjoy doing!

My experience administering medication:
Yes, I have been taking animal care classes and have had my own experience when my dogs were in need of medication. Contact me to make an appointment.

I cannot wait to meet your pet in-person!

 Initial “meet & greet “visit is free with no obligation.

References are view-able on Rover.com.

No breed bans of any sort! There is no such thing as a bad dog….just improper training! All sizes, colors, genders, breeds of canines welcome! Even feline & other species of passengers are welcome!

Willowick, Eastlake, 44095, Ohio, United States


Fridays – Sundays: 12am – 11:59pm

Holidays: By appointment


Rover Premium TAXI Insurance

Weekdays Monday – Thursday: AFTER 7pm-EVENINGS ONLY (unless exception in my work schedule)

(I am planning to extend the availability of days once business picks up, but right now I have a full-time job Monday through Thursdays for 10 hours a day.) 

Pet Services
Pet Check-Ins $15.00 USD
Pet Taxi $30.00 USD
Pet Sit (Overnight) $60.00 USD
Pet Walk $12.00 USD
Miscellaneous $0.00 USD

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